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LesAmaranti collection

The woman who wears Les Amaranti creations on her feet, knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it. A declaration of modern femininity made elegantly yet with character.

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Les Amaranti Shoe with 2cm heel
€ 245,00

LesAmaranti shoe with 2 cm heel
€ 220,00

LesAmaranti shoe with 2 cm heel
€ 220,00

LesAmaranti shoe with 2 cm heel
€ 220,00

New Emma mocassins

The new collection of moccasins was born under the sign of an all-female collaboration with the personal shopper and Chinese influencer Emma Liu. Light, soft and in colored suede, the moccasin is back in vogue in all its splendor, making it indispensable in our wardrobe because it works with everything we wear in everyday life. Hand sewn and embellished with a band with miniature charms.

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That of two sisters, so different yet complementary, and able to interpret every shade of feminine thought and transform it into the unique creation, that transfers beauty from an imaginary plain to that of which is reality.

That of every woman, who wears Les Amaranti: elegant and pragmatic, smiling and strong, fragile yet feisty. Each with its own originality, character, and with its own way of affirming itself. Even through her choice of footwear.

Because Les Amarantishoes are not made to be worn and admired. And it’s not a detail at all.

Timeless femininity

To tell a story. Maybe this is the biggest capacity a brand must have if it wants to surprise, make dreams, and to be adored.TheLes Amarantibrand brings with it all the wonders of a story to be discovered and explored

That of a father, Raimondo Amaranti, founder of the footwear fashion house, together with his brother Sergio, who knew how to transmit such love of this craft to his children, so that today they can take this historical brand to a new future. Les Amarantiis an expression of Moira and Marica with their ideas of femininity, in tracks of tradition, but looking towards new horizons.

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From the stretch to the shoe

Eclectic, fanciful, creative – the hand that designs the sketch of Les Amaranti shoes, is that of Marica

Through, at times heated, confrontation with the pragmatic Moira and her ability to read marketing trends, Les Amaranti creations are formed. How is a collection created?

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