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There are many things that the world envies about our “small” peninsula. Certainly among these are creativity, taste, and the ability to turn dreams into fashion products. Made in Italy shoes are a must, but there are few cases in which the proclamation of Italianness is truly respected, from start to finish.

Such is the case with Les Amaranti where from the idea to the realisation, there is not a single process that goes beyond the boundaries of Made in Italy.

The models are designed by Marica, the creative soul of this artisan house in Civitanova Marche. Her sketches express all the strength of a femininity that knows how to be sought after and at the same time practical. Because Les Amarantimade in Italy shoes are indeed designed to be admired, but above all to be worn for everyday life, giving women the opportunity to always feel the protagonist of their true desires, at all times. Research is a fundamental phase in creating those suggestions that will eventually be worn on a woman’s foot: stimuli coming from all over the world, but always interpreted in the light of the unmistakable Les Amarantistyle.

Because if it is true that the heel is the must of Les Amaranti, scrolling through the collections, from the historical to the most modern ones, it is easy to understand the basic idea: to propose the perfect shoe for every nuance of femininity with attention to detail and finish. The daily chic that everyone would like to wear and that tells the way of being of Marica and Moira, who have always been the protagonists of the brand’s vim and vigour.

Made in Italy is an ideal, it is a belief, it is the essence ofLes Amaranti as it was for Sergio Amaranti footwear. Nothing could be simpler than glimpsing a common thread between the past, present and future of the brand, thanks to the strong and sunny natures of these two sisters who grew up in close contact with the shoe artisans and who influenced their creations, always giving their strong creative and visionary contribution, to the point of becoming, as of today, the absolute protagonists.

Premium quality and sophistication

The respect for the supply chain is a pride for Les Amaranti: the concept of Made in Italy shoes reaches its highest point here. All the materials that make up the models of the collections come strictly from the Bel Paese: leather, rubber and also all accessories and components.

The choice always only falls on excellence: Les Amaranti footwear is made to last over time, to cross it without a scratch.

Study is a fundamental preliminary phase: monitoring a change in taste, anticipating a new trend, combining different textures. It is the most amusing, but also the most delicate part for those who carry out this work.

Because if the attention to detail in the innovation of materials is always present and current, especially for a brand that today is giving new verve to its tradition of Made in Italy shoes, then recognizability of the essential elements of the product ensure Les Amaranti is loved throughout the world.

Past, present and future … all made by hand

Les Amaranti Made in Italy shoes represent the tradition and history of craftsmanship. They are still made by hand: a deliberate choice, that of not switching to electric conveyors, which demonstrates the consistency of those who strongly believe that the professionalism and experience of footwear craftsmen are worth much more than a saving in terms of time or a higher production volume.

Few employees, who have grown in the company and who often accompany the story until their retirement, with eyes always full of magic and wonder, every time a sketch becomes a shoe.

Upon entering the artisan workshop, which is still located in the historical site of the foundation of the company and is the only business to have kept their permit to operate within a residential area, the air you breathe is that of a large extended family, where the passion for such work constantly passes from hand to hand, to arrive, in the form of footwear, at the other end of the world.

Made in Italy shoes, looking towards the future

It is impossible today to do business without having a sustainability-oriented approach. In the new Les Amaranti direction there is also this goal, because those who work to give the world masterpieces of beauty and uniqueness cannot forget the wider context.

Generations have passed within the artisan workshop, that have undergone important changes while remaining true to themselves. This will be yet another challenge: to introduce green aspects, which tells yet something else about this brand: that it is attentive not only to elegance, but also to the protection of a heritage for which we are all responsible.