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Fashion has that particular magic in which opposites often end up meeting. Those that not only cross, but also intertwine, give life to something original.

This definition perfectly describes the story behind the creation of Les Amaranti, the new brand that starts with the tradition of the handcrafted shoes of Sergio Amaranti and leads towards a new path.

Inertness is creativity’s enemy and has absolutely no place in this wonderful Marchigiana reality, where handcrafted shoes are bread and butter. The soul ofLes Amarantiis the passion of Moira and Marica, the daughters of Raimondo who founded the company together with his brother Sergio in the early 70s.

Their step forward is a symbol of strong femininity and elegance, that knows how to conquer with courtesy and competence. Moira and Marica are Les Amarantiand understand well the women who wear their shoes, because they are exactly like them.

On the path of tradition…..

Those who create handcrafted shoes have a precise objective: to give emotion and positive sensations. It is the passion that threads the stitches, the knowledge gained in the field, the contact with those shoes to be worn, the identity of their being. This attention to detail has made Sergio Amaranti a brand capable of representing both Made in Italy and handcrafted Marchigiane shoes all over the World. But Amaranti is not only this.

In his chosen craft LesAmaranti is much more.

There is the familial dimension, the measure of a man, who has allowed this name to become a well-known brand without losing its true origins. The workshops are to be found exactly where they were created, the only shoe making company in Civitanova Marche to have permission to work within a residential zone.

In every detail there is attention to craftsmanship. The shoes are made by hand, without the aid of any electrical hand-operated systems, and only with top quality Made in Italy materials, including the components. There is the will to make tradition the burning fire that fuels a selective look to the women of today and tomorrow: those who do not want handcrafted shoes from the catwalk, but shoes that can accompany them during long and sometimes complex days yet at the same time make them feel beautiful, elegant, and unique.

… to write new pages of history

Everything that Sergio Amaranti was and represented will continue to live in Les Amaranti. Because Moira and Marica are an inseparable part of it. And not simply because they are the daughters of one of the founders, but because they lived and breathed the air of a place that began as a simple workshop, where handcrafted shoes were produced, that grew to become a successful brand recognized all over the World.

Both embody the Les Amaranti type woman, the one who knows how to assert her femininity without needing to feel like a princess.

In the meeting of their contrasts, a new direction is born, faithful to tradition but ready to face an evolving world, in which originality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail will continue to establish the difference between the obvious and enchantment.

Marica is the creative, cheerful and determined sister. It is her who imagines and creates the sketches of what will become the Les Amarantihandcrafted shoes and which will be able to touch the heart, before the feet, of many women around the World.

Moira is the communicator. A former lawyer, she is a pragmatic and forward-looking sister. She is the front woman, the one who feels the pulse of the market and any new trends and who uses her intuition for the birth of every new collection.

Together, they are Les Amaranti: the daily chic that makes every woman unique. In her own way, just as they are.

Their creative energy shines through in all the models created and comes from the ability to grasp every particular detail that surrounds them, which can make each shoe unique. Inspiration, for those who know how to grasp it, can come at any time: during a theatrical show, enjoying an exhibition, picking a colour from Nature, savouring the authenticity of places near and far or rediscovering an object, perhaps forgotten in a drawer, which takes the shape of Proust’s madeleine.

The love for handcrafted shoes through our models

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